Monkey Island Creator Laments Disney's Lucasfilm Acquisition



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Maybe he could start a Kickstarter campaign to see how much money he could raise and offer that to Disney? Not sure what he could promise to everyone who donates, but I'm sure he could come up with something...


Peanut Fox

A copy of Monkey Island!



1. The Avengers was a terrible movie compared to all the other Marvel Movies.
2. Disney has been making games and movies based on Monkey Island for years (it's called "Pirates of the Caribbean")
3. If he wants to make more Monkey Island he has two options. He can do what Disney did and make a copy-cat without paying royalties, or ask Disney to let him have the rights to his game since they already ripped it off and made BILLIONS of dollars off of it without paying him a cent.



Disney has not been making anything based on Monkey Island. The games and movies are based off the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction which opened at Disneyland in 1967, 23 years before Monkey Island came out.



I played a Monkey Island game back in "the day". I didn't enjoy it, but I wouldn't say that it reminded me in any real way of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

...I don't think the Avengers movie is terrible compared to the others. Thor was pretty awful.



I thought Telltale did a pretty good job with Monkey Island, certainly better than Monkey Island 4



Let's hope they sell off the game IPs to someone worthy.

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