This Monitor Takes Print Screen Commands Seriously



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The bigTchaikovsky

It could maybe work if they worked in conjunction with Polaroid. Idk how the scanner thing would work though.



Printers are one of those tech gadgets that are losing ground in the home environment. There's data somewhere showing the decline of printer purchases for in-home use. Flatbed scanners is another prime example (Canon only makes 2 models of dedicaed flatbed scanners vs. 8-12 models in the early 2000's). Makes sense as everything is going digital these days (in college, 1/3 of our class assignments/projects were digital submissions).

And if this concept utilizes inkjet technology, I don't see this working well. If you've used an inkjet printer, you'd notice how the printer slightly moves side-to-side as a result of the fast-moving inkhead inside. It's only stabilized as a result of the wide heavy footprint of the printer's body. This concept above, I could totally see the screen rocking back and forth as the printhead is printing.



Looking at this, I am given to recall many years ago the notebook computer that had a built-in printer under the keyboard (HP?) - arguably a better idea than with a desktop. And whatever happened to that? Same problems bedevilled it, I would think...


Peanut Fox

You're probably right, but I wonder why you'd want to always tote around a printer for a device that's suppose to be mobile.  Laptops can be bulky enough without a built in money slot.



It's very cool, but also basically useless.

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