Modern Warfare 2 Disallows Dedicated Servers, Generates 85,000 Signature Petition



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That which doesn't kill me, has made a serious tactical error....

I find it so interesting how FourZeroTwo aka Robert Bowling and other moderators blatantly ignore the Infinity Ward Forums. I see RB posting on his facebook, and tweets regarding how much he's enjoying playing some other game and yada yada, meanwhile the forums at IW are completely lit up with an insurmountable amount of complaints regarding various aspects of the game.

Meanwhile there is a petition with 234,000 signatures and growing every day with people asking IW and Activision to please bring back the Dedicated Servers.

The whole IWNet debacle has literally turned into a free for all among the hacker community as they took IWNet and Steam as a direct challenge. Well the hacks are winning I'm afraid.

This game has the groundwork for absolute greatness, graphics, sound, maps, map sizes, weapons almost every thing. multiplayer is the very worst gaming experience I have encountered in my 11 years of online gaming since Medal Of Honor. Perhaps Activision measures greatness in sales rather than quality work.

Arent we as consumers entitled to purchase a finished product. Last I checked the number one rule....Give the customer what they want, not what you think they need...Instead these companies are getting away with selling and releasing an unfinished product to meet deadlines for greedy execs like Bobby Kotick.

EA did this on a few occasions with Breakthrough, Pacific Assault and MOH Airborne and the backlash that resulted is a huge loss in the PC comunity and complete loss of trust. Only thing is now if we want to play we have to choose among the lesser of two evils..EA or Activision.

I have been to EA Studios in LA to review Pacific Assault upon invite from Rick Giolino, and told them about the issues I saw, they didn't fix it and the game tanked. I also reviewed MOH AIrborne and told them the game would did. I reviewed Brothers in Arms at Ubisoft in San Fransisco and thought it was a great game with the exception of the multiplayer. Upon invite from a meeting with Jason West I reviewed COD4 Modern Warfare and the game was incredible. I'm not trying to toot my horn here but merely trying to establish I know a little something about the games I am interested in.

It seems companies are selling out for the larger profit margin from the less demanding COnsole community.  I spent $5000 on building my gaming rig from parts recommended by Maximum PC based on their Dream Machine of 2007 and the rig still screams. I'm happy with it very much so.

But how is it these companies can get away with selling an unfinished product. How can we get them to listen and respect us...the consumer. Even with a petition with 234,000 signatures doesnt seem to budge them in their arrogance. People such as Robert Bowling acting upon their own cowardice and hiding from the forums, and refusing to be held accountable for the numerous issues in this and future games makes me just want to retire from gaming altogether. 

ShockNAwe Mack aka Rob Mosher




where i should go to sign the petition?



Do you really consider playing online games on server with your fellow gamers that bad that you need to sign a petition for closing the program for good.Craft Fairs



And to think that IW would be dumb enough to have 164,661 people possibly cancel their order.  Looks like IW doesn't want the close to $10 million that they will lose from doing this, not to mention all of the hosting companies out there who will lose money as well.

 Go IW for continuing the recession! 



Infinity Ward nailed everything, until activision stuck their stupid nose in. 

God dammit. 



fine, i'll buy it on steam, i'll pay for DLC(map packs), but give me a dedicated server so that I can control HOW the game is played and WHO it's played with!



How can you people sit there and think piracy has nothing to do with any of this, or that it is always just a 'lame excuse'.

News flash, companies know exactly how many people are stealing their games. Just like all of the cracked servers in COD4 (you know, the ones that don't require punkbuster or anything else?).

I can't believe you people who say piracy isn't an issue. When a significant portion of 'sales' is being stolen, well then the company loses money. Infinity Ward doesn't give a shit how much fun you have if they aren't able to get a return on a huge investment like this.



Spoken like your typical shill. There are so many inaccuracies in your post I don't know where to start.  First off, piracy doesn't really have anything to do with this. Yes, Activision is using piracy as an excuse to gain more control over its game, and for reasons other than just because of copyright infringement (yes, that's what it's called). Second, nothing was stolen with regard to CoD4. You can't claim that sales were "stolen" because you simply can't prove that everyone who infringed on the game would have alternatively bought the game. In fact, studies show a trend to the opposite: infringers actually spend more on games and other media than those who do not infringe. 

 However, that's all beside the point. The fact is, that dedicated servers are obviously what the people want. A business will not survive long by denying what the customer wants. That is the opposite of accepted good business practices. Activision will learn this the hard way if they keep it up. People will find a way around this anyway, so what does this action do except harm those who don't want to crack their games? That's a real smart move, Activision: piss of your paying customers and do nothing to stop the copyright infringers at the same time. Brilliant.


And as for your last statement, "Infinity Ward doesn't give a shit how much fun you have if they aren't able to get a return on a huge investment like this."  I just had to laugh at this. 1) CoD 4 sold amazing amounts of numbers by anyone's account and the sequel is expected to just as well or better 2) If they hadn't received a return on their investment, they wouldn't be making a sequel, now would they? You put up a total strawman there with no real basis in reality.



Wow. I sure made you mad!! Your post is way too long. I didn't read any of it.

Time for you to go steal some more games! Keep telling yourself its ok!



I'm not mad at all. Quite calm, in fact. I don't pirate games, but I hate it when people like you blow up the issue when it's really a non-issue. Why? It gives companies like Activision a scapegoat to do really stupid things (adding cumbersome DRM, rootkits) and lobby for ridiculous changes in law (3 strikes plan ring a bell? network neutrality? ACTA trade agreements). These same companies lobby against technology at every turn, against software that makes our lives easier and better (MPAA is currently trying to break tvs. And remember iTunes? Yeah the big bad RIAA tried to stop it).

Do you know why you need to install that bloated Game for Windows Live software? Yeah, "piracy". Right. All this crap when the real issue isn't copyright infringement at all. Look at the facts: even in a recession, the video game market is doing incredibly well. Yet "piracy" of games is now at an all time high. Do you see now? Piracy has little effect on actually game sales, yet we all have to deal with the fallout: horrible drm, restrictions like what Activision is placing on SCII and now MW2. Why? As a paying customer myself, why do I have to jump through hoops to play a game that I legally purchased? Because they want more money, and are using "pirates" as an excuse to get it.



I've been telling people for years that cross-platform PC/console games
are bad news for PC gaming and that the only games you should support
are those that are designed for the PC. And every time, the console
apologists come out and say how there is no proof that having
cross-platform games like this dumbs down the game on the PC.

Well, you reap what you sow.

Me? I've started boycotting any game that isn't PC exclusive. Companies
like Stardock provide plenty of PC ONLY entertainment. Entertainment
that isn't dumbed down to the point where a neanderthal could master it.

Consoles are designed to allow large corporations to have complete control over
your entire device and all of your entertainment. Even just recently,
Microsoft announced plans to sabotage people's legally purchased XBox
360s by forcing an update that breaks 3rd party storage devices so that
you are forced to use Microsoft's overpriced storage devices instead.

Games for Windows/Games for Windows Live/XNA and all of this other XBox 360
stuff for the PC is nothing but an attempt to do the same on the PC.
It's more profitable to eliminate mods and therefore eliminate
competition so they can foist overpriced DLC on you.



We really do need to move on from the "buying and having your own personal game disk" from the days of old and become part of where gaming is going.  Free online MMOFPS games got it right.  No disk, no purchasing of a game download.  The game is free for everyone to download, use and enjoy.  Hence no piracy issues.  Where do the developers and publishers get their revenue and profits?  Strip all of the upgraded eye candy weapons, armour, melee, game characters, body-wear, enhanced speed, power and so forth and give them the basics to start out with.  Any personal upgrades cost cash, and lots of it. 

Take Nexon's Combat Arms for example.  I haven't heard of anyone pirating Combat Arms, why?  Because it is free to download and play.   "Well, Combat Arms and other free online games have horrible graphics, no depth in game play, and are made exclusively for 13 year old children"  Nexon North America made approximately $100 million US dollars net profit last year alone just in the the North American market.  Not bad for a "kiddies" game.   

FYI...Infinity Ward is the developer of Modern Warfare 2, and Activision, the publisher.  Activision is ultimately responsible for the decision whether to use dedicated servers or not.  Infinity Ward has little to do with it unless there are third-party investors who partly own both Infinity Ward and Activision.   

Why doesn't Activision want to run MW2 on dedicated servers?  Why should they?  You make a one-time purchase of a disk or a download and that's supposed to pay for the enormous cost of running and maintaining expensive dedicated servers 24/7?? 

Free MMOFPS games have dedicated servers and they have them for a reason.  Gamers that want the best gear, upgrades, and personal weapon cosmetics pay dearly for them via purchasing cash items and many of those items expire over time.  Yes, we all want the luxury of having dedicated, perfectly maintained servers 24/7, but we don't want to pay for them.  "Hey, I know, lets get the little green elves to pay for them!"   



Activision does not pay for dedicated servers. Customers pay for them. We rent them from a third party.



While i  love games that you can mod(CS..GG, TF2..crit only servers)(L4d 8v8), some games just work better restricted. Look at Battle field 2, you couldnt even download a custom map, they game just came out with its 4th patch, and its still buggy as hell, but everything stayed fair(and unchanged) the entire time.

BF2 could have been a great game if it would have let people mod the game(helcoptor Only maps).  

But i also understand how mods mess with the mechanics of the game. 


Either way its up to the developer to do whats best for the game. And in the long run the right choice is the one that makes the game last the longest and makes them the most money by doing so.




You have no idea what you are talking about.  COD4 and WAW both have CD key verification and they have dedicated servers. We need dedicated servers to play online with our friends.

I'm part of a community with over 100 people. We host 4 COD4 servers that are centrally located that can handle close to 40 players at a time per server. Those servers are not free. We as a community pay for them. We control the map rotation. We kick all the internet turds out. i.e. People who dont go for the objective in an objective based game type, Constant Team kills, etc.  We do scrims, ladders, and league matches with other communities on our dedicated servers.  With your computer will host the server so you will be lucky to have a 4v4 match without any lag. Have any friends out of state or in another country that you like playing online with? Good luck with that. is nothing but a very small WAN party with lag. 

Dedicated servers, where everybody knows your name.  




While I gree with most of what you say, I really doubt a server will be run on anyones computer.  It would violate what they say they are trying to do.

They will have dedicated servers.  You just can't put an FPS on someones computer and hope to have a fair game.  They will just be administrated by IWnet.  Which means you will have no choice but to play whatever IWnet decides.  And from the sounds of it you may not be able to play with the people you want to play with, since it matches people based on rank.  But we will have to wait and see about this.

This is just a bad idea.  Looks good from a balance sheet prospective but in the end just a bad idea. If no one plays the balance sheet still suffers.



my view on the matchmaking software is a bit more negative. If I formulate an opinion on the information I have right now: 1. I don't want to be matched with similar ranks. I want to kill people that have unlocked more stuff and take their stuff. 2. If I am just a good FPS player, the gun I use only helps, it doesn't make me terrible so I am the same as a guy who never played or played less FPS than I. 3. It negates the ability to recruit. 4. It eliminates the ease of using favorites. There may be some way to do it, however it won't be as easy. 5. I have less choice on server ping, and seriously doubt there will be different map rotations or settings, making me only able to play the vanilla version of the game forever! (which won't be long for me) 6. VAC/Punkbuster, who cares. The best anti Hack has always and will always be the server admin. Sure he may ban someone that didn't hack, but more hackers get banned than people thought to hack. 7. Word filters/spam filters/name filters/ what stops the smacktards? No admin, you get griefed with spammers, name script scrolling, etc. 8. We all play like noobins again, in what may as well be someone else's server with crappy administration. I can only hope that there is quick remedy to this aspect shortly after release. Steam is required to run the game. So that means you have to run: Steam/the game/TS/xfire? Some people's machines will be severly taxed doing this, or maybe just their connection. The afore mentioned issues are mostly annoyances. Great gameplay could overcome this and make the game fun enough to play. Unfortunately ther is a bigger issue. The biggest thing impacted from this is the clan/community aspect. It segments the clan and it's ability to communicate, share, and grow. The impact would be dynamic and significant. The anonymity of console style game joining and lack of accountability results in most of the rediculousness you hear about in online gaming. I know what some will think, just leave that server and join another. But I am still at the will of the random server goers. A dedicated clan server with moderation is always safer for me to play in. It allows me to make connections and control the content I want to see or play. So, Officially, I am disappointed and no longer looking forward to this game. I now wait to see what it is when it comes out. After it has been reviewed and reported on, maybe then.



Couldn't agree more.



This is honestly ridiculous, mods add so many more years of play to a game. Just look at Counter Strike source people are still playing that and that game has evolved into many different directions such as gungame, zombie mods, custom maps and so on. When you remove the dedicated server from a pc shooter you turn it into a console game with a mouse and keyboard. Probably won't even have lan I don't even think treyarch would be stupid enough to do this to a game. Good news is Battlefield bad company 2 looks good and cod4 is still a decent game.



It sucks that they're doing this but I have to say I'm on Infinity Ward's side on this. You have to force every customer to to run their game by contacting your own servers for verification, or you WILL lose a large percentage of your sales to piracy.

Blizzard does it with WoW and they're doing it with Starcraft II, and more and more companies are planning to start doing it.

It's inconvenient for the customer, but it's the internet equivalent of posting security guards at the store exit. When an estimated 20-30% of the customers will steal the product if given a chance, you have no choice but to increase security.



Verification isn't the issue.  You can verify a games legitimacy without taking away dedicated servers.

This is a money grab on the order of Windows Live, nothing more.



Using the piracy in computer gaming is a pretty lame excuse,

It is not even a good excuse, how about infinity ward is trying to make even more money, the less they give you and the more they charge the higher their profits. Oh, and yes lets blame everything on pirates and other invisible forces that steal magical amounts of games, you have no idea how much or little games are actually pirated. 



I don't see the issue.  Activision makes a game that you like and they made it to make money.  If it's good, we play it.  If it's really good we want them to make another one.  In order to do that they need to get profits back on the first game.  If part of that profit goes to illegal copies then they either can't make the game or they make it for the consoles and the PC doesn't see it at all.

 Here they are investing in a system to provide PC games to us while keeping their investment secure so that they can continue to bring us MORE PC games.  Oh you have to verify your copy.....OH THE HORROR!!!  Most PC gamers are by now always on-line anyway and if not probably will in the foreseeable future.  As long as Activision has back up verification systems in case something goes down there should not be any problems.



The whole pirate thing is bogus. Punk Buster already checks your cd key. They are going through steam this time, because if you account gets hijacked and they cheat with it before you can get it back. Guess what your buying the game again. At least that is the way it has been handled in the past. This is nothing but a money grab six months from now you will all be talking about the new map pack coming out (at a minimal charge of course). My community had preordered a server for this game. Oh well. No one has even said what this kind of thing does to the companies that host game servers. Good admins are the best anticheat software you can have.

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