Modded XBMC Box is Chock Full of Awesome



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Now that is freaking bad a** i wish i could do that with my 360 without breaking it lol.



Unfortunately the hardware just doesn't cut it anymore. Even h.264 playback at 480p will stutter like mad. Highest available output is 1080i over component, and the Ethernet is 10/100Mbps; no gigabit LAN here. DVD upscaling is decent at best. Back in the day when all my movie and TV rips were 360p, this box was awesome and served me well. XBMC has its roots here, and the project reinvigorated the HTPC movement,  but it's time to lay it to rest.



XBMC's development for the Xbox pretty much is dead, but the project lives on as a powerful multi-platform media frontend. And in fact the newest version turned one month old yesterday.

-Paul Lilly



I meant lay the hardware to rest. XBMC is still a great software platform.

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