Mod Men Episode #3: Ever Wonder How to Custom Paint a PC?



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Cool paint jobs.

That tape is awesome! I wonder if it would hold up with a monitor on top of it.

It may just be me, but when Bill has the hat and sunglasses on, I think he looks a lot like Nicholas Cage.



Hes using HoK. Those sizes of paint in HoK is expensive. People who arnt very knoldgable in auto paints shouldnt try using those.



The only thing I would do different is to test fit everything BEFORE paint. That way if you need to make any more mods you don't mess up the new paint.



I am still liking the show, but I am lost on why they are painting an acrylic case.  You could've used almost any other material if it was to be painted in the end.  To me, clear (or colored) acrylic looks great as clear or colored acrylic and isn't used just to be painted in the end.  But what do I know.  I guess I am not a master modder. ;~P

Would like to see more PoorMan Mods, too.




if anything, it probably had to do more with weight than anything. I've never dealt with forging a piece out of raw material, but i'm guessing the acryllic is significantly lighter, and cheaper, than an equivalent block of aluminum, and is easier to work with than wood.

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