MobileMe Webmail Users Complain of Invisible Content Filter



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Hey Biff,

We're heading up to Camp Crystal Lake to straighten out that Jason kid that's been bothering Carol. Meet us there and bring the National Guard.

Let me know if you don't get this.




I diisagree with Rosenblum. The problem I have with Rosenblum is he is using an Apple service when there are better services available that do what he wants.



'The problem Rosenblum and other MobileMe users have with Apple is that if it "or anyone else is going to block/filter/censor emails, they should at least notify the customer the message did not go through."


Do you agree with Rosenblum?'


Yes, I do. A communication service that doesn't notify the sender that their message was never sent is completely unacceptable. When you are working with time sensitive things, you need to know if what you sent didn't go through. I don't mind the idea of their spam filter, but they better notify the sender (and/or the receiver). The most important part of any message service has always been and will always be reliability.


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