Mobile Web Usage to Surpass Wired by 2015, Says IDC



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I'm going to go ahead and call major, huge, totally drooling-stupid unrealistic bullshit on this one.  An arrow on a graph today does not a future reality make.  Even so-called unlimited mobile data plans are capped at 5 GB, as mentioned by dougau.  Total available wireless bandwidth is very much constrained by the airwaves/frequencies that are open, and we aren't going to see much growth there in the next 4 years, unless I've missed something. IDC, feel free to chime in here and let me know if I have.

Considering that most people are starting to use a good portion of their wired data caps that sit somewhere around 100 GB to 250GB, the geniuses over at IDC seem to be missing the mark pretty drastically.  Another "it's the end of the PC!!!" claim, and holds about as much water as the others. Phht.



Because browsing the web on a tiny screen with no real keyboard is so much better! (/end sarcasm)

It's hard to believe that someone would have a mobile device with internet but no wired connection at home.



There are so many of us out there that have no access to highspeed that wireless is the way to go. 6 yrs ago I had to give up multiplayer gaming because dialup was the only thing available and sat systems were to laggie although I still went with a Sat system just to be able brouse and do e-mail with any speed to speak of. I now use a wireless setup to access the internet while trucking and at home I hook my main system up to game online. Soon the Sat system is gonna go and my wife will be wireless at a cost thats $30 less than I pay now for the wireless and Sat. So yep I think the article is right till some other technology takes it's place for those in the boonies.



mobile internet usage will surpass wired use with 2 and 5 GB caps? Really? This isn't April 1st and nobody told me is it?

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