Mobile Users Boast the Biggest Gaming Posse, NPD Group Says



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Mobile is just more accessible. Most adults with smartphones don't buy these units for gaming, they just find it convenient to click a couple of buttons and voila, your game is there. Then, non-adults, well they just buy everything they can on these things. The only thing stopping then is ma/pa's CC.
At the other end of the spectrum, PC games have the best possible gaming systems on which to run...better graphics, speed and storage by major leaps and bounds. Not to mention, this power can be had for the price of an ipad.
The downside of PC's is that most people aren't intelligent enough to own a PC and therefore find some great PC games inaccessible. Also, paying someone to remove viruses for you can get expensive. Plug-n-play is a for these people is a must. PC's don't need replacement every year like ipdas and gaming systems, which are obsolete far quicker than PCs. Many graphics cards are good for 5-6 years, depending on the rate at which graphics tech is advancing.



I think we just have to admit that playing Bejeweled, while taking a steamy dump in a public restroom, is still (by definition) "gaming."

We should also be able to agree that there's a vast difference between playing on a smartphone and playing on a PC. The gap narrows considerably when comparing PC gaming to console gaming...although PC gaming has the advantage of customizable hardware and settings. (That is why PC gamers are often referred to as "hardcore gamers" by others.)



Not because I'm anti smartphone video games but these games for smartphones are comparable to 8-bit 20MB games ($0.99 perhaps ?) versus the REAL PC games (up 32/64bit, 8GB games which can be as low as $3.74 on

And I rather eat your toe nails that to play on a 4.3" screen. I'm a proud PC gamer who plays on 60 inch screen with 5.1 speakers and maxed out graphic details !



We need different words to describe what my girlfriend does with her phone and what I do with my computer.

They are not the same thing.



If she is playing a game on her phone and you likewise on your PC, it's the same thing - gaming.

But in fairness, it is pretty absurd to compare mobile gaming like Angry Birds to PC or even console gaming. The price point of games makes it much more affordable to buy Angry Birds for $4.99 versus $60 for a PC/console game. If Angry Birds cost that much, I doubt these numbers (as stated in the article abve) would even be close.

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