Mobile Triple Threat, Toshiba Introduces Laptop with Three Nvidia GPUs!



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"Wherever you go, there you are."
---buckaroo bonzai


The Gateway FX you mentioned is a desktop. This is a notebook.  The X305-Q705 spanks the competition in a price comparison. The only thing they could do to make it better at that price is make it wuxga. Back to the Gateway. ANY desktop would spank any similarly priced notebook if you were to build your own or even buy it because parts for desktops are cheaper. 



I believe he was referring to the Gateway P-7811 FX notebook, which when available, was selling for around $1,400 at Best Buy.  I picked one up myself on sale for $1,250 with a free game.



Agreed that they are awesome, but just way too expensive for the hardware. The Gateway FX is 3/5 of the price of the 706, and it has mostly better parts.

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