Mobile Platforms to Drive PC Growth in 2010



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I have a working Tandy in the basement. Every now and then I'll fire it up to keep things moving. I also have a bunch of floppies. My first DOS 1.1 experience. awww, the memories.



I too had a Tandy 1000SX computer system. It was a really nice machine for the time. The 16 color graphics available on it made the basic 4 color graphics on the IBM look pretty lame. After about a year, I added a 10 meg hard drive to it and thought I was in heaven. Great machine!


Keith E. Whisman

Great Pic. I used to have a Tandy 1000 that I purchased from Radio Shack. I had a few Tandy products my frist being the Tandy TRS 80. There thanks for the pic. Brings back memories.



Heck I still own/have an atari 800 computer with a tape drive!


Keith E. Whisman

I had both the 800 and 400. The 400 had the flat keyboard type deal, not individual keys. The 800 was much better. I really miss playing around with Basic. I had books of programs for basic and books on how to program in Basic. Basic was awesome. And that cassette tape drive setup was cool but slow. I had this game called states and capitals that ran on the tape drive. 




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