Mobile Malware Grew 163 Percent in 2012, Almost All of It Aimed at Android



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"In other words, you can remain relatively safe by not clicking links willy-nilly and only downloading apps from trusted sources."

Amen to that! I have had to help many people over the years purge their systems of malware, some of them numerous times, simply because they don't use common sense and safe web surfing practices. I suspect it is even worse with Android devices since there are many users with limited or no understanding of the dangers and don't take precautions.

On the other hand, some people go to the opposite extreme. I have friends who don't even own a computer, still use an answering machine, and would never buy a GPS because they are so fearful of "being hacked" or having their financial information compromised. They think I am living life in the fast lane because I use online banking and shop online.



Google needs to do a better job of making sure every App on listed in its Play Store is Malware/Virus free BEFORE it allows it to be listed, & must have 100% proof of the persons identity of the poster. So Walware writers can be identified & charged if they get caught. I love Android, but right now, it's got it's little green legs spread wide open!



One of the real reasons Linux remains secure is that they use a "walled garden with ladder" scheme to add software. To add standard software you simply type:

sudo apt-get install latest-thing
(rpm based distros are slightly different, but close enough).

If the software is smaller and newer, you have to drop back and either cut and paste a few lines to open up your computer to install, or possibly compile and install it yourself. Regardless, it gives you a little time to think without making standard installs (maintained by Debian) require any extra steps.

I'd love a "no-brainer" section of the Android store, along with an "abandon all hope once installing this stuff" section, but I suspect that is too much to hope for something with the mass-market success of Android. I'm guessing the problem isn't so much the wide success of Android, just that most of those people really, really hate anyone preventing them from installing malware. Microsoft taught them well that they shouldn't even have to click anything to install malware, just downloading media will find the correct malware and install it.

Walled garden with ladder only works as well as whoever locks up the ladder.



Smishing? What's next RFIDishing? QRishing?

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