Mobile Game Devs Cutting Back on Android Investment



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I hope Google sorts out these problems.  I have a Black Berry Storm now and while it's a decent phone for business and e-mail - Entertainment apps like games are seriously lacking.  I'd like to move to an Android based platform...but am hesitant as long as I keep hearing about all these problems.

Come on Google, get this stuff fixed so us consumers have a viable alternative to the iPhone.



Why would anyone want to invest in making apps for Android Market when there are too many versions of Android and people are having problems not being able to access and use their paid apps?  There just isn't any quality control by Google and the handset makers.

I have a Sprint Hero, and after the newest ROM update, I can't access any of the apps I paid for on the Android Market.  I know I won't be buying anymore apps from Android Market.  Other Android phones have had similar problems and nobody seems willing to fix it.

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