Mobile Demand Could Cause Shortage of PC Memory



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I would generally agree with this theory. The expanding market for smart phones, and tablets, have put a spike in the demand for memory chips. I would hate to see the prices of PC memory go up, because the demand is high, and the manufactures can't fill in the gap in supply and demand.

Time to start buying stock in memory chip manufactures.

The profits of manufacturing companies will go up regardless I think. If they do nothing to increase production, the demand is still going to go up. And if they start manufacturing more chips, that equals more sales, therefore more quarterly profits. Ether way there's money to be made.



I'm really glad I already bought everything I needed when it was cheap.
Can't wait till DDR3 costs over a hundred easy for a 4GB dual channel kit again....


thor fighter

I better get my mushkin redline's now


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