Mitsubishi Bids Adieu to LCD TVs



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Perhaps I'm missing something here, but this seems like a technical step backward.  I can appreciate the cost savings with DLP vs other technologies, but they have moving parts (color wheel) and they're not as thin. 

This doesn't make any sense.



I actually don't own a new HDTV DLP but must say that thickness isn't the issue here. These DLPs are much thinner than the older ones. They arent 1-2 inches of thickness but who cares unless you wanting to wallmount a tv. It's not like you going to be viewing the television from its side.

I own both a plasma and an lcd television. I bought the LCD when the technology first came out. I must say that I"m quite impressed because the tv has stood the test of time thus far.

THe plasma is a panasonic that I bought through's black friday sale. They screwed up and gave a bazillion people a 42 inch plasma for 299 dollars. It's definately panasonics bargain model but it still gets the job done.

I was actually thinking of purchasing a Mitsibishi DLP but the reviews online really vary too much for me to take the leap. Theres definately a lot of value in the price/sceen size ratio though. Who knows.. maybe if good ole' maximum pc or one of it's sisters give it a thumbs up I would be willing to anti up.



Assuming you hold only a standard 9-5 job and get 8 hrs of sleep a day, that means that your remaining waking time is spent in front of your tv? Is tv programming that captivating lately?



If you are talking about TechLarry, you're assuming he was referring to himself watching the TV for 6-8 hours. He could infact have significant others that help accumulate the hours he claimed. =P



I have a 60" Mitsubishi DLP I bought in 2009 black friday weekend at BB for $799.  It's an excellent TV, and a total bargain at that price.

My first HDTV was a Sammy DLP.  It went 5 years of 6-8 hours a day usage and never even needed the lamp replaced (though I did it just because I had a spare - I kept the old one as the spare.  Never really noticed a difference).

Replacement lamps for the Mitsu are only $99 retail, so even if it ever does blow it's not a big deal.

Great picture, brightness, no screen burn-in, no blur issues.  Viewing angle side to side is excellent, but DLP's are sensitive to up/down viewing angle.  I'm always seated when watching so it's no big deal.

I do have to say the remote absolutely sucks :)

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