MIT Students Create Working, "Minority Report" Inspired Gloves



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Has anyone told these guys about Project Natal?

Cool tech tho.



They probably know about it, but Natal was made for xbox. I hope there will be a way to put natal on a pc just like you can with wii motes. I am up for doing a project like these guys are though. 



I think my arms would get tired.

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Peanut Fox

I think the movements he is making with his hands are comparable to the movements on a mouse.  If you look at his hands, he is not moving them great distances to accomplish the task of manipulating the map.  The hands in this use are held in a natural position with with palms facing down.  




I was starting to think that I was the only person in the world who thinks this is a horrible idea for an interface. Given the choice between waving my arms around in the air or moving my wrist/forearm around a 6" mousepad on a desk, I'd much rather choose the mousepad.  You can say I'm just supremely lazy, but try waving your arms in the air for three or four hours. My guess is your deltoids will give out after about 15 minutes. 


This type of interface is a great idea for a thirty second scene from a movie, but I don't see the application in everyday computer use. 



The application is so you can say to people in the room, "Look, I'm doing that thing from Minority Report."


I'd totally use it if it worked at all. 

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