MIT Software Turns Your Mobile Phone into a Supercomputer



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This software was originally written for the iPhone, but it was rejected by the Apple app store because Steve Jobs feels that only he is capable of giving you all the right answers.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Wouldn't you rather have a REAL Supercomputer in your pocket?

Check out Bullwinkles Last Post First

I used a USB tablet hooked into a wireless USB transmitter to show proof of concept but feel a packaged solution from a big name graphics provider will provide the best "Complete" solution and provide the best graphics experience for playing Crisis on my handheld wireless desktop monitor + keyboard + mouse

To sumarize>  A portable wireless touch sensitive monitor with keyboard & mouse functions could provide you with an ACTUAL supercomputer in your pocket instead of these phoney "me too" software scams

Running your actual desktop or KVM'd Rack from a portable display would be WAY more impressive than "Faking" a supercomputer from software

and YES it will play Crisis!

With wireless BiDirectional USB 3.0, this idea could turn your Lame smartphone into a real supercomputer and save you thousands of dollars in connection fee's as you could then connect to the network from the maneframe and display it's desktop on the wireless display for a lot less money!


And we don't have these yet, Why???




Keith E. Whisman

Well MIT has it all wrong. The cell phone was inspired from the Star Trek original series communicator, a device that could only do one thing, provide the characters a long range communications device. The Star Trek communicator was so dangerously built because it was easy to short circuit the thing to cause a grenade like explosion. Just added that part because it's cool. 

The communicator is a single use device and the cell phone has taken to doing more than one thing and that is just wrong and goes well beyond Star Trek technology and intentions. Now Star Trek does have a device that could be built today and I wouldn't mind it doing many things as long as that many, means no more than 3 things at a time. Maybe build a really powerful tri corder that can only do 3 things at any given time and load it with this MIT software, I can accept that much better.

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