Missed Opportunity: The Studios Owned Netflix, Got Out Too Soon



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I'm not largely impressed with the variety of selection Netflix has, but this really depends on personal taste.  Even with just their streaming selection I can see myself going for many months before running out of content.  Took a good 2-3 weeks to get through all the Heroes episdoes alone and now I'm on Law & Order SVU, which is probably a good 1-2 months or longer to get through all the seasons.  If you're done after 3 months you probably didn't do much exploring.  Start watching random movies and you'll find there's some good ones out there you just never heard of or didn't have the desire to watch based on the previews.

Hopefully they will get going on the selection pretty soon but this is a service that does have a limited time before you just run out of content. 



28 day new-release delays, limited streaming.

I don't see the fascination with NetFlix.  It's a half-assed service (not neccessarily due to their fault).

I cancelled after 3 months.



Who cares about new releases. As far as I'm concerned they are now new releases 28 days later. I value my time. When I want to watch something I should be able to choose what I watch. I'm not going to sit on my couch and consume what the man decides to give me.



I Jedi

I think that the lesson we can all take from here is that even when a company does not seem popular, just holding on even, that it can still find ways to be useful and innovative. Look at Apple... Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started off in a garage, and now the company is worth more than Google currently is. Don't discount the underdog because we all know the big dog will eventually fall.



lolz. and lulz.


cue Nelson Muntz.

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