Mirror's Edge Officially Roof-Running onto PC in January, DLC Too



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If they're trying to avoid user reselling used copies they're taking the wrong route. Console games are the king of resell. So there's DLC? And? Creating great DLC takes time and money. I have to wonder what the formula there is for predicting how using resources for DLC will offset game reselling. The best thing to do would be to release it on PC with a great mod community. They make the DLC for you. Oh well. Besides, the truelly great games are rarely resold. So maybe they should just try to make the best games possible instead of stringing us along with DLC.

On the other hand, after the trashing they've taken on the Internet the last couple months, I suppose they want to avoid another fiasco. lol



I don't have my hopes up.  EA sucks, and even if they DO release it on the awesome that is steam, they will STILL embed malware in it (SecureROM).  When they stop trying to infect my PC I will buy their games.



Well actually Steam isn't awesome but ok, and this game looks pretty kickass




Just to remind any EA executives that read comments on Max PC bulletins.  Steam is awesome!!!



DICE + EA again eh? I look forward to playing what will be the second buggiest game ever released (right behind bf2142)

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