Mimo Monitors Puts Finger on World's First USB Capacitive Touchscreen



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Just a little bigger screen (size of a magazine page) and it would be a great magazine reader...



Cool monitor, but it'll have to come down in price before I can afford it. And I agree, the resolution could be a little better.



Okay tell Nathan....


I'm envisioning

1) an htpc build with this as the remote

2) a "micro htpc" that you can carry to any room and play your music, again using this as the interface. I want a macro-ipod as it were, possibly with chumby features.


Holly Golightly

Wow, that is one tiny 16x9 monitor. Why couldn't they have made that monitor 1280x800... I mean, 10" tablets such as the iPad already use this resolution and are truly mobile right out of the box. I like the idea of a USB monitor for tiny desktops. Adds less wires making the desktop rather clean. Maybe they can offer bigger versions in the future.


Peanut Fox

My guess is they used the lower resolution because of USB's limited transfer speeds.



Why don't they just use usb 3? Bandwidth would be more than enough for HD transmissions. You could also have system detect when its in a usb 2 port and drop the resolution for it.



I've used USB->VGA adapters on 1920x1080 resolutions without any problems. Video was fine too (not as great quality as HDMI or DVI, but still).


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