Millions of Investors Turn Against Michael Dell, Vote to Have Him Ousted



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My Dell has a first name spelled M - I - C - H - A - E - L




Just because he is the CEO of the company doesn't mean he is responsible for Dell's Quality control problem. Do you have any idea how many employees there are @ Dell? Do you really expect one person who is 'in charge' of a corporation to potentially hire + fire hundreds of employees?

Dell's problem is the same as every other corporation. They outsource EVERYTHING. They are cutting costs just like everyone else in a crap economy.

Don't be stupid. Michael Dell isn't going to throw a chair every time someone rubs him the wrong way *cough BALLMER cough*



And somehow, after shipping products like Vista and Zune, investors are still perfectly happy with SteveB...



I have a gut-feeling this is going to be like Apple - when Apple fired Jobs, and then Jobs returning to Apple to revive Apple. I could maybe see it happening.



This is very ignorant, can happen only here in America. I would be a creator of a company and I will get kicked out of my own company.

This happened to Steve Jobbs before, luckily he didn't give up, created Pixar and soon Apple bought Pixar and he was back in the company.

I'd say, be careful who you are selling shares to, if you can at all. 




One little thing, Apple didn't buy Pixar. Jobs went on to found NeXT, then Apple bought that when they ran out of ideas for classic Mac OS.



Oh boo hoo for him. Even if he is kicked out, he won't be in the soup kitchen any time soon. He could live the life of a millionaire for the rest of his life and never work again. Maybe that's what he should do.



Yea, but it's not really about the money.  Put yourself in his shoes; you start a successful company from the ground up, and now you got some greedy penny pinchers trying to oust you from YOUR OWN company.  It's like me coming into your house and telling you to get the fck out, I live here now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Dell, but it's for reasons like this my company will never go public.  Not that it will ever get so big for anyone to give a shit, but still :)



I guess I just don't understand people who live for business. If I were him, I wouldn't care anymore, I'd have made my riches.

Why keep going? Retire and enjoy your life. Go experience all the books, movies, video games you otherwise couldn't possibly get to. Travel the world. A permanent vacation.

Every day of my life I dream about the day I don't have to work anymore. I really don't understand making it your life's goal to make a super duper corporation.



Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this. Michael Dell left teh company than returned to right the floundering ship. Only things have gotten worse under his watch, quality problems have increased (just look at the class action suits, which are a result of the quality issues resulting form the optiplex 260/270/280 series when he helmed the ship the first time around) Now their flagship Latitude E series latptops are suffering from all sorts of woes, from locking up upon docking to blue screening when plugging in the power adaptor. He should be let go, as any CEO is hired or fired upon performance and his performance has been rank since returning to Dell.

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