Million Dollar Tetris Cartridge Goes Up for Auction



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do you know why its called fishing?

because if they knew they were gonna catch something it would be called catching


same thing here, you ask any thing you want, getting it well, thats another matter aint it



I would like to now enter my bid of 0.49c U.S. for it... and it better have free shipping!



It's not even a work of art.  $1M maybe for Picasso sketch.


Holly Golightly

That is an absolutely insane price. As a gamer, I do have my limits. One, I do not own a Sega Mega Drive from Japan, and two, even paying $1,000 is a little bit extreme. The most I am will to pay for a gamer I truly love and am a fan of, would probably pay $300. The mosty I have paid for a game was about $75, for many of my Nintendo 64 games.



Well, it should be kept in perspective...besides being one of the most well-known games of all time, it's a rare version of the game that was signed by the creator of Tetris. It's not being sold to be played.

As an example, a boxed copy of Wolfenstein 3D at eBay right now has 10 bids, and has reached $2.25 (and that includes free shipping). Maybe worth a dollar at a garage sale, or in the free box after 12:30. But a boxed copy signed by Carmack, Hall and Romero would likely fetch some pretty decent scratch...maybe even more if Romero didn't sign it (sorry, had to throw in at least one Romero dig...)


Holly Golightly

Yeah, but someone can easily fake their name. It could be a guy with the same exact name as the creator. The best way to know for sure is if you get it signed yourself. But when you buy it... Deep down, you will never know if HE truly signed it... I learned not to trust people on the Internet. Some people make a big buck out of fraud. But yeah, it is a rare copy, but if I am going to spend that much on a game, I am going to want to have some fun. That is not to say I hate ebay, I sell my computer parts on ebay, but when it comes to buying stuff, I am a little wary at times.

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