Military-Grade Dual-Screen Laptop on the way from gScreen



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What's the point? Why not just have a bigger monitor?


Keith E. Whisman

You want to carry around a laptop with a singe 40" display... Wait a minute yeah I do want to carry around a laptop with a 40" display. That would be soo freaking cool.. but anyway a 40" display for like business people not us complete nerds but people that make presentations and spread sheets and stuff like that a really really large display would be great but a huge really long laptop would be a real pain so this is one of those have your cake and eat it too kinda of deals. You get two displays that collapse into one so you get a decent sized airplane friendly form factor that expands out. As I said not being one of these suit guys that has to do spread sheets and presentations I would love to have a big ass laptop with a 40"LCD. Kinda makes me think of the ghetto blasters from the 1980 you know carrying a large Ghetto Blaster on your shoulder playing really loud music. Ah those were the days.


Keith E. Whisman

I think manufacturers troll this website because I remember a while back I posted about wanting a Dual Display laptop and even one with a roll up display like from the movie Red Planet or was that Mission to Mars.



It better be more secure than this one was (turn down your audio):

The enemy did a hard drive swap and gained access to everything.  For more on the story, read the book Lone Survivor.


Keith E. Whisman

That video really pisses me off. Makes me want to find the people that uploads these videos and find out where they got them from and roll up the whole network and get the damned enemies. And BTW the enemies are not soldiers protected under the Geneva Convention. They are partisans and just like the Viet Cong all partisans can be shot. It's completely legal to shoot partisans in a war zone. A trial is unnecessary and not required. Another word for partisan is terrorist.



The laptop manufacturers are not at fault for cases like that. The software & configuration are what make Information Systems (IS) secure or unsecure. The first thing the government does is wipe out everything that is preloaded... if it comes with preloaded software. The Government has policies for configuring & using IS. Information Assurance (IA) is very important to the DOD & the entire Federal Government.

 Once you lose physical possesion of a device you can toss out most safegaurds. People get complacent and don't allways follow the rules & policies for configuring devices too. The people inside any organization are the most dangerous.

I loved how that document was signed by the Director of the Center for Army Lessons Learned. Thanks for the laugh:)




Yup it's only as secure as the person who has possesion of the device.


Can't blame manufacturers for human error and complacency.

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