Miffed Anonymous Members Plan Weekend Hackathon



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i live in nyc and you barely here crap about it. no one cares about some wall street protest. because people who are motivated to find work and take care of themselves do so. they dont have the free time to sit and compain about other people making money.

"All I want is a opportunity" - Jimmy

"This is America isn't it? Who the fucks stopping ya?" - Nucky Thompson Boardwalk Empire.

So the wee woo internet police are going to come help them. Wow, life just gets lower and lower.



Entitlement at its finest. We deserve to have jobs....

It's not just wallstreet anyhow. Other markets in other countries share some of the blame. The US wasn't the only one to have a hand in this mess. 

Just like sports and entertainment we have to be competitive in whatever we do. Make yourself desireable to the employer. There are jobs out there still waiting to be filled (I'll admit I was a bit surprised by this) but requires the education and skills that many lack because of bad work ethic. 

There are bad guys on Wall Street and in our gov't but not all of them. They shouldn't disrupt other people who are trying to EARN a living. Most of the protestors look like hipsters anyway. 



Though I got to question on where they got their source. Cause I have not seen a post about what happened to the Protest other then it was happening on CNN, and other major news network. 



Writing a non-biased article? Frankly no one cares what you think about the group, give the facts and leave it be.



Speak for yourself.  Me, I want to know what the writers/editors/contributors at MaxPC think about these douche bags.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, MaxPC is ALL ABOUT opinions and reviews.  Looking for “hard news”?  You’re looking in the wrong place, and that is not MaxPC’s fault, it’s yours.

Here’s another unsolicited opinion for you: you’re as clueless as these script kiddies.

Now shhhhh, the adults are talking.



Losers.  Complete and total losers.



"In retaliation, Anonymous has announced a nationwide "Day of Vengeance" scheduled for Saturday, September 24th, at high noon of course."


Now they're just spoofing themselves.

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