Micro-USB Slated to Become the 'Universal' Cell Phone Charging Standard



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Now if only motherboard manufacturers would standardize the front panel connection.

Please, please, please!!!



This is a long overdue standard.  Seems everytime I get a new phone I have to buy a new charger, and a new data cable so that I can attach it to the computer.  I have been sticking with a W490 from motorola for a while because it uses a standard mini-usb cable to charge the phone, and I could use one of the 100s of cables I had laying around to transfer data or to charge it.


Keith E. Whisman

Well it's about time. At WalMart for example there are racks of different cell phone chargers. I think the only reason why they make propriatary chargers is so they can charge $20 to $40 dollars.



Of course that's why. It would be silly to think there was any other reason. It's the same reason Wii has it's own controller, PS3 has its own, etc. The real money is in accessories.

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