Microsoft's Windows Defender Offline Beta Could Get You Out of a Jam



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Cool. I figured I would give it a go and see if it picked up anything however I am using Truecrypt. Any ideas on how to not un-encrypt my entire HD and still be able to use this tool or are Truecrypt users SOL?



with some of the malware i've had to remove, having a boot disk would be nice.  would save me from having to completely reinstall windows.



Boot disc seriously guys? The last os that had an official boot disc was 98... Vista and 7 have start up repair and XP has the recovery console... Boot disc have gone the way of the dinosaur...



Lik OMG rite?! No one should EVER need to use a BootDisc, lik EVER!


Are you serious? Any tech worth his silicon has a BootDisc of sorts in his or her toolbox. BootDiscs allow you to service areas of the PC that you can't really access, or access easily from within an OS. Also these areas that need to be serviced can't be done properly, or at all, while the OS is running.

Besides, when trying to clean a nasty virus off a PC, I'd rather do it in an environment outside of the local OS. Files will be unlocked, viruses will be inactive, etc, making removal easy.

But hey, if you want to do things the hard way, be my guest.



Boot discs are part of every geek's toolkit and it's nice to see Microsoft putting more attention towards these more robust methods of stomping out malware. Would be nice if MaxPC did a comparison between the various boot discs (eg. Bit Defender, AVG, Windows Defender, etc.)



I second that.  It would be interesting to see how boot discs compare to stand-alone antivirus software (like malwarebytes) in safe mode. 

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