Microsoft's WARP10 Will Let You Run DX10 on CPUs, Crysis at 7 FPS



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This is probably for Aero Glass on budget machines. Microsoft didn't want the whole "Vista Certified" deal to happen again, so they used a neat trick to make Aero Glass on all machines that can run Windows 7. I like it. Finally, a useful new feature in Windows 7.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



What is meant when you say, "Running Crysis in DX10 mode at just 800x600 with everything set to low"? I thought putting everything on high is what enabled dx10.



yes you can !! you can monitor without a video card !! its called the "crystal ball"


"I rather earn 1% of the effort of 100 people, than 100% of my own" - J Paul Getty, Billionaire



You obviously didn't read the article that well. It said that warp 10 will enable NON-directx 10 / 10.1 video cards to use directx 10/10.1 effects.  Anyone idiotic enough to think you can use a computer for gaming w/o a video card shouldn't be using a computer to play games. That's why the make console video games.



i did read it, im just saying most game only reconize 2 cores and WARP10 would be more useful if it could "repurpose" extra cores asa "faux GPU"



to be fair most game only reconize 2 cores at most. It be interesting if WARP10 could make a application use all cores by "aliesing" other cores as a "MS GPU"



lol at the benchmark.  7FPS? pitiful. 

But i guess if u were ever having driver problems with ur video card and u couldnt see anything on ur monitor, this would be good as a backup solution.  



Won't work that way. You cannot have video if you do not have a video adapter on your computer... How else would you plug that monitor in? If your gpu doesn't work, then you won't be able to see anything, and theres no way the cpu will make the monitor display something when it is plugged into the gpu...

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