Microsoft's Surface Tablet to Touch Ground October 26th, Same Day as Windows 8



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They need to use every sales channel! Lenovo has more stores than Microsoft in Mexico!

I wait 3 weeks for my Ipad 3 since announcement! Many here waiting to buy one Surface.

Hope they make it well & on time with worldwide availability!



This thing is awesome!! You can use it like a tablet for example when flying watching movies or reading, then in your hotel you can use it like a notebook. Problem for me will be price. Anything over 400 bucs too much for me since will only use it a few times a year. I am sure there will be cheaper versions as time goes by and I have a feeling this thing is going to be over 700 bucs.



I dont think Microsoft can win with the pricing of the Surface. If they price it too high, it won't get much traction. If they price it too aggresively, the OEM partners will moan, and then the journalists will moan about the OEM partners moaning. Then the consuming public will moan even if they haven't experienced step one of the Surface tablet because they heard everyone else moaning.

So I'm going to guess Microsoft will make a decidedly 'nominal' tablet with 'nominal' pricing. :p



At what point is it no longer a tablet? This looks more like a netbook to me.



The keyboard is attached magnetically, IIRC. That's for if you want to type like on a comp.

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