Microsoft's Surface RT Tablets Now Available to Pre-order



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I may get the Surface Pro depending on the price, and how the reviews go once it's released (definitely not pre-ordering). I can't justify getting the Surface RT as I need to be able to run my development tools and such, but I may be able to justify getting my gf one for Christmas so that I can use it at home while I wait for the Pro to be released hehe.



I have an iPad2 now and for what it does, it does it well... But on a tablet, I REALLY like the Windows 8 interface and the live tiles. With the Live tiles, I don't ALWAYS have to go into the weather app just to see the current temperature.

Plus, the non-RT variety will run real MS Office apps which is huge.

Can't wait to get one.

Wow - looks like the much prophesized death of Windows will have to wait a bit longer... and so will I - dang it.



I'm more interested in a real Win8 product...not something only marginally better, if that, than my Asus tablet.



yes please



I am waiting for the Pro. When is it coming out?

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