Microsoft's Silverlight Facebook Client is all Class



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It's official. I love this thing! The large majority of the time I get on FB, it's to catch up on what's going on with others, maybe post a quick message of my own, then get off the thing. If I want to IM, I'll turn it on in Firefox. Not having the IM included is a great thing for me. Hopefully, when Silverlight does include this, it will 1. Be turned off by defualt, 2. Be easy to switch on and off just like normal and 3. Pop out so when I AM having a conversation and I don't want IE/FF/Chrome open, I can have just leave the pop out window open and not have Silverlight or browsers open while doing so.

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When they update the IM and speed up the interface this is the only way I will use Facebook.



Didn't Microsoft practically do the same thing with the Fishbowl program? Why not just integrate this app into Fishbowl with an optional update or something? I use it all the time and I love it.  (The live feed on Facebook is idiotic) 



seems a litle slow.  UI is nice though.



No IM. other than that its pretty nice. like the fact that i dont have another window open just for my facebook.



the chat will probably arrive with an update, much like fishbowl: the original didn't have chat but they updated one does 



figures. always waiting for an update to do what you wanna do

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