Microsoft's Retail Opening Confirmed for Thursday



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I'm in North Phoenix, running Win7 64 on an upgraded Gateway DX4300-03 WinVista 64 desktop (thanks to Launch Party).

So far I'm liking Win7. Install was time consuming with some required uninstalls and reinstalls, but I didn't lose the functionality of any peripherals or software (a first with Windows). Start-up time is no better, but Win7 handles large folders and large files much better than WinVista.

I also have Macs in the household and have used Apple's retail store system (with both good and bad experiences). I'm curious to see how Microsoft translates the concept that works for a hardware company that also sells software to increase product differentiation of its hardware (Apple) to a software company installed on other firms' hardware (Microsoft).

Win7 is a winner. I'm curioius about the Microsoft Retail Store concept so I'll go look.



Ashley Tisdale? Then I guess most of the attenders wont have the money or interest in any product at the store.

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