Microsoft Won't Commit to '09 Launch for Windows 7



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Maybe Microsoft wants to sell as many copies of Vista as possible before rolling out Windows 7. 

"Ass so fat that you can see it from the front" -- Mos Def



I've been running build 6801 for a couple of months now and it's been great so far.



It's all about money. Microsoft could make a killing by putting it on the market a week or two before xmas 09. Not that they wouldn't make a ton selling it anyway (it's Windows, so it's loved by the masses) but if they were to market it close to the holiday they could possibly make more. Even if it's like how vista was when it first came out (a buggy piece of ****) they would still put it out for the money.



Having run the beta for several days I can say that it's pretty awesome and really I wouldn't be surrised by a Fall 09 launch actually. 



...this is EXACTLY what they did with just same hype with a different name.  Vista was supposed to roll out end of 2006  and MS "proudly" appologized for the delay and promised they weren't gonna release Vista till the bugs were all worked out...aka Feb 2007.  We all saw how much that promise meant.

I'll be impressed when MS admits that the direction they went with Vista and Windows 7 was the mistake!  I've said it before and I'll repeat it agian....all they had to do was take XP  harden the kernel and leave it alone.  I guess now with all the touch screen devices....maybe they should also add that capability...the rest of the cr*p they added  in Vista and even in Windows 7...just isn't necessary.  Keep in mind that I AM a Windows fan.




You can't just "harden the kernel" not if you want to move into 64 bit and beyond. XP was build on a 320Bit kerneal. Unles you want the maximum Video + System ram to be celinged at 4 GB you need to accept a new kernal is nessicary.


Vista began the transition to 64 bit


Seven will finish it, and thansk to MS dedication to Legacy aps they creating a 32 bit version for the 64 bit Seven.


XP TRIED and failed to do a 64 bit implementation but it just couldnt hadle it.


Vista has some growing pains fitting into 64 bit clothes


Seven is going to look hot and sexy in 64 bit but can slum it in 32.


Also Seven has a nice ass :P


Wild Alaskan

I actually like most of the features they put in vista. I had vista from about 6 months after it was launched and never had any more problems with it then ive had with XP. In fact i have been having less problems with all three of my vista computers than i am having with my one XP. Once you use vista you will find that there are lots of minor tweaks that are really nice. One of my favorites is the clickable file paths so you can jump between folders easily. It also has extremely fast app load times if you have lots of ram and suferfetch on. there are lots of new apps that use areo for productivity purposes.



Yeah, the Vista launch was definitely over-blown. MS promised too much and then didn't deliver. Us tech-heads were disappointed when realizing that bosted technologies such as the WinFS were not implemented, and the general public was disapointed when it realized that performance sucked when poor hardware standards for consumer pc vendors were allowed

 Having tested both  build 6801 and 7000, it's apparent MS is taking its time to get it done right. Thoughtful features have been included with speed to match. I've never seen a Beta install, boot, and function so well.

With the Core i7 processors maturing at the end of 2009, it will undoubtedly be good timing for Windows 7 to be launched early 2010. If MS keeps up it's great advancements (as seen between the alpha builds and beta release) this will be a great OS.




well it seems they might have learned their lesson. not hype'n it up too rediculously, and not commiting to a date. smart moves in my opinion. id very much rather wait for something thats done. if they pull another vista their os line will not be sunk, but it will take a major blow from the open source market in my humble opinion.



I honestly didn't see much "Hype" for Vista. The only hype I saw was the consumers wanting it so badly that they wanted it to be more than what it was.

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