Microsoft Won’t Patch IE8 Before Pwn2Own Hacking Contest



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MS is the only browser maker that is not making its IE9 browser for XP, which remains the dominant operating system.  One can question the strategy, because it encourages users on XP to use the better faster and more secure competitors, but MS not worrying about hackers on IE8 is consistent with its intention to force customers onto W7/IE9 through obsolescence. 



Why won't they patch...hmmm...because Internet Explorer's inherent design, patched or not, is an easy target to hacks.



personally, I think they just want to give geohot a better chance at cracking their security and in turn justify hiring him to get behind his suit with Sony. :)

After shooting him a BIG chunk of the $10k he got for his legal battle with Sony they need to "protect their investment" and knowing George has already been playing with version 8 they want to make sure he has a better chance thus they can spout off about how much better the new measures they implement will be after the fact and not be embarassed if it gets pwned beforehand. Know what I mean? :)



check out the article below for more details about the pwn2own contest



Wow what a horrible design of a website.

Two toolbars floating on the left and some woopra bar on the bottom.

The second toolbar actually floats over the frame by a 3rd abscuring text etc.

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