Microsoft Winds Up the Hype For Vista Marketing Campaign



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I agree with StormEffect totally!

you have to remember this is the first time in history that a OS has been released  that the Blogging community exists and all the writters are fanboys on macs that can reach out directly to the public now to do damage.
It's just cool to bash Vista people think.

I'm really surprised that MS won't just sue the piss out of Apple for Damages for all the Vista Bad mouthing in the comercials.  It's one thing to bash PC's cuz there is no brand there but to mention Vista seems to be lawsuit territory to me.

Of course when your #1 and as big as MS is it's probably best for PR reasons to just ignore them otherwise they will look as whiny as apple.









I am SO glad Microsoft is finally taking a proactive marketing position instead of letting Apple just walk all over them. Don't get me wrong, I have my issues with Windows (this is written on a Macbook Pro), but the Vista dumping has gotten beyond ridiculous.

At this point most people revert to an emotional reaction instead of getting back into the OS and trying it out on new hardware. You know where else this sort of reaction is common? Politics. Nice.

There has never been a better time to let the self-absorbed, whiny nerds and geeks of the world know that they need to get over themselves and their pissy attitudes. Dear lord, why did everyone suddenly get so weak about an OS? And when did people stop exploring things for themselves instead of letting bile be shoved down their throats by faceless posters? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

TRY it and stop spreading misinformation like stupid internet drones that parrot anything they hear in a headline. 




And it sucks every bit as much as they say.



Most people do not remember that WindowsXP had issues, too, many of which resolved with its first service pack.


I use Vista Ultimate x64 now almost exclusively, and I love it.  I found that if you throw 8GB or RAM at it, Vista performs very, very well.


And just to be clear, 8GB of DDR2 RAM is not expensive anymore. 


"I make no promises, only sarcastic remarks."



I just switched over to Vista x64 SP1 and I'm happy with it.  I even like it better than Windows XP now.  The initial release of Vista had lots of problems.

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