Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 Unlock Tool Could Brick Your Phone



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Nevertheless, many people actually need a complete sized display for videos and web searching, however they want the skinniest, thinnest model that's available. For those folks, the <strong><a href="" title="airphone">airphone</a></strong> is often a nice selection. It really is super slim and it has a three.five inch screen so that you are kind of obtaining the very best of both worlds. However, the tradeoff with all the airphone is it is only a single sim telephone. Simply because it really is so skinny, there's no room for two slots. That's not to say that the newer i9's usually are not deemed to be skinny and glossy. They're. But they do have the conventional 3.two inch screens and are not genuine minis. 



I would say Rafael (one of the authors listed in the screenshot) is trustable. He has a long history of hacking away at Windows. His blog is very interesting, too.


Mighty BOB!

They're just covering their asses.  Everyone has already done it and now it is Microsoft's turn.  Apple warned against jailbreaking the iPhone, some Android manufacturers (or was it the carriers?  meh, whatever) warned about it and even installed chips that are supposed to disable the phone if you load a different firmware.  They all want you to play in their closed garden and no one else's.


Mister Friendly


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