Microsoft: Windows 7 SP1 to Contain "Only Minor Updates"



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I knew SP1 wasn't going to add a whole lot of changes. Windows 7 is good enough. Buy it already. 


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I think the "let's wait until the first service pack" mentality is a little backwards.  Especially considering all the advance chances to view Windows 7 companies got. I was using Windows 7 since the day the public beta hit on my work computers, so when Windows 7 finally hit retail, we ordered enough copies for our entire IT dept that day. Maybe every company doesn't have that level of felixibility that we had, but it wasn't a tough upgrade, and I think IT departments are often more gunshy than they should be. After working IT for many years, I've found that client side upgrades like that aren't really all that catestrophic.



While I feel Win7 is "ready" for use. History has shown SP1 of any Win OS fixes major vulnerabilities. Granted security hasn't been an afterthought in case of Win7, but any IT admin worth his salt will wait before committing the company to a new OS. I think you are a little uninformed if you think they dread the "upgrade" compatibility as opposed to the security repercussions. 



I think its just Microsoft telling businesses "You wanted to wait until SP1 until implementing this version, so here you go!" Does pretty much nothing, just aimed at said businesses.

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