Microsoft: Windows 7 to Bring Glad Tidings for Gamers



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Then why doesn't microsoft give us what we want?  A desktop client for GFWL.  Some 1st party games that are released on xbox and pc simultaniously. Halo 3 for pc. Gears for 2 pc. Crackdown for pc. Maybe promoting the pc with ads? 




didn't they say the same thing about Vista when the "leaks" began surfacing about that O.S. It works well now after a ton of patching, but not when it first came out. For the record though, 7 plays games great so far for me.



You said it all right there:  PC gaming is all but dead, yet they still support it.  That shows a pretty strong committment to me.  Espeically when you consider how much higher profits are on xboxes and how much harder it is to pirate the games.

You can say they don't support it very well all you want, but how many games are you playing on OSX or Linux?

Also, if I'm not mistaken, the Xbox 360 was released BEFORE either the PS3 or the Wii.  That would seem to me to indicate that they set the bar, Sony and Nintendo were the "escalators."



They really need to bring back tetravex. I miss that game.

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