Microsoft Will Support Kinect on PC “in The Right Time”



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None of the links work!


Fecal Face

Wasn't ASUS working on a kinect-like sensor for the PC?

I think they were even working with the same people that made the kinect



I could really care less about this thing, but really the only way Microsoft is still even relevant in the PC gaming world is that makes Windows. Microsoft hasn't done jack squat to support PC gaming since before the Xbox. In fact, I'd say Microsoft is actively working against PC gamers. Case in point, Fallout New Vegas DLC being a 360 exclusive.



just like they were going to release proper PC drivers for their Xbox 360 steering wheel and pedals? Yeah.... they never did. 



That must be it. They let the smartphone market roll past them before realizing that it was a market with huge potential. Let someone else develope an awesome motion sensor control for the PC. Then they'll release a Kinect that's a generation behind and try to catch up again.


What's with the dead link the article. I wanted to see what "This Thing" is.


I Jedi

Honestly, Microsoft, you promised months ago to finally support the PC heavily in the gaming arena. I still have yet to hear any big game titles from Xbox to PC in that time, update(s) to the Windows for Games platform, and now a delay for the Kinect to the PC. Why don't you just go away. I have more faith in Gabe Newell/Valve to keep their word than you folks.



Did they say this with Halo 3 also? Gears of War 2? Fable? A halfway decent digital game distribution service?

Formal way in the right time my ASS.

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