Microsoft to Wield Absolute Control over Windows 8 Metro App Supply



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I am running Win8 right now. When I install a program, ANY program, it will throw an app box onto the Metro page. Install MS Office for instance gave me about 15 boxes. Tune up utilities gave me a good TWENTY boxes! All unasked for and I had to do a lot of unpinning to get rid of them (not that I ever USE the Metro page).

 Not to worry about buying apps, there will be gobs of them on the Metro page.



This article is extremely misleading. You can absolutely install third party Metro applications not through the Windows App Store, the exact same way you can install current Windows based applications (ex: Microsoft Office, iTunes, Photoshop etc.). All Microsoft is saying, is that it will not licence any third party "App Stores", in contrast to the Amazon App Store vs the Android App Store for example. All the Microsoft App Store is, is a *free application advertising directory (Microsoft's words from the Build Conference). It's obviously not exactly free, since you pay the 30% fee for every app you sell, but you get a significant amount of publicity since the majority of users will stick purely to apps from the Windows App store since it guarantee's a certain level of quality.

Microsoft is just enforcing a level of quality in the App Store and, yes, trying to turn a revenue through offering an App Store service. But Microsoft is a business, and they're offering a service that requires a significant amount of time and money to employ. It's their product and their services, they're absolutely entitled to charge what ever they damn well please. Do you expect them to give this service away for free? 

If you have an application you don't want to sell through the Windows App Store than you can simply offer it the same way you would offer any app currently. Sell it on your website as a download.

You guys honestly think Microsoft would lock down their desktop operating system from third party applications? That's the entire principle of Windows. Even their mobile OS allows for application side loading. Everybody on this website just likes to bitch and complain about stuff they know nothing about.



“We will be the only store for distribution of Metro-style apps"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Keypoint in that sentence: "the only store".

That doesn't mean you can't p2p your friend a copy of a Metro App that you wrote. It just means that there will be no other "Microsoft Approved" app store, or app catalog in Windows 8.



Well let me drop my 5 cents, I'm perfectly ok with Microsoft's decision. Well, 30% may be a bit too much, maybe they should ahve stayed at 15 (half of Apple's), but it's ok to be the only distributors. It's a matter of quality control. I'm sure Metro apps will be top notch quality, also thanks tot his startegy. 
And speaking of looks, I think they nailed the most perfect and stylish look of the decade to come. I like it 100 times more than Apple's. 



WOW I guess its time for game and app developers to move over to linux and make all computer users happy.



You may be on to something. Maybe it's time for a user-friendly version of Linux made especially for tablets called... wait for it... Tux (Tablet Linux)! OK, yeah, there's already a web server with that name, but it's still a good name. We'll just call it TuxOS.

Wait, that name is taken, too? You know what? I give up, this is too much work. I'm buying an iPad.



Wow... Microsoft is quickly becoming apple. First they sacrifice usefulness for looks, then they decide to lock everything down and extort app makers for money. At least it's only metro apps, I couldn't care less about those.



It has nothing to do with security and everything to do with Microsoft being able to shake down app developers for 30% of their profits.

Thanks but no thanks. I'm not going to have some faceless corporation (Microsoft OR Apple) dictate to me what I can and cannot install on my own hardware that I purchased with my hard earned money.



If I had to choose between MS and Apple for a tablet, I would go to the dark side. That Metro Crap UI is so ugly to me I would rather use Apple then use a Windows tablet.



so i geuss il be jail breaking my windows8 tablet if i get one shame ms shame

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