Microsoft: We Didn't Copy Mac OS X



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As the officer peered through the driver's window, he was astounded to
find that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting.

The trooper cranked down his window and yelled to the driver, "Pull
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Why is there a cat on the scanner? Shouldn't it be an Apple? Or a Leopard?




 -Paul Lilly



I've been a big microsoft OS fan since I was just a baby. Its a big shame seeing the stupidity of their managers :

1) Microsoft TV commercial of Jerry Sinefield and etc ( totally LAME and POINTLESS and CORNY). Its best to consult a high school kids or college kids than for a 70 year old to plan a supposedly-funny and effective TV commercial. When I watched the commercial, I thought Microsoft managers was on drugs !

2) that comment he made above - once again, I think he's on drugs !


I think they need to brush-up their public relation skills and make it more relating to the outside world.



Woo hoo! My 15 minutes of fame begins... now.

I'm sure the guy is reasonably intelligent, he works for Microsoft after all. I guess this goes to show that even smart people can do amazingly stupid things. Sure, from some angles it can be said that some aspects of Windows 7's UI revamp resembles OSX. But then that isn't surprising given that it happens in every aspect of life and business from television to cars. Influence is part of the creative process.

I would have expected the guy to know better than to actually SAY it in front of someone that would post it on the internet. He had to know his bosses wouldn't really appreciate the remark.



Obviously the gentleman who suggested that Microsoft borrowed from Apple was lacking in common sense but not intelligence. A person can be exteremely smart, but lack common sense, or a  person can
have all the common sense in the world and be really stupid. It's the
person that lacks both intelligence and common sense that worries me the most.



Would it be crazy if I suggested that this guy was paid by Apple?

Makes sense, Apple seems to be pretty good at creating propaganda, and what better way than to pay a Microsoft employee to say something controversial like this.

Maybe nVidia's CEO was paid too... either that or he's just a dumbass. 




I love the graphic used for this story!

As to the issue at hand, I think the guy was saying that they tried to copy the elegance and simplicity that the mac experience allegedly provides (I wouldn't go that far). He just said it wrong and now the guy is subject to media hysteria. Microsoft shouldn't be paranoid over this, Windows 7 is a great product that is very different from OS X in many ways. 

Bob Cook
Montgomery, TX



Microsoft really needs to rethink their PR philosophy.  There is nothing wrong with taking an idea and improving upon it.  Hell, it even shows a great amount of integrity by saying it.  Not to mentioin you can still throw it in Steve's face by saying you did okay but we did it better.

Its not like he said they copied OSx.  He said they copied the look and feel of it.

Hell if video game designers would take a look at what was successful about their own game designs and forward it to the next iteratioin I'd be happy.  Astonished but happy.

It just seems that we throw the baby out with the bathwater in the name of innovation.  Whatever happened to if it aint broke don't fix it.



I dont know whats worse.  The fact that a Microsoft employee went on the record talking about this or that Microsoft thinks we're all idiots, insulting everyones intelligence with a counter statement like we all dont know whats going on.





Thank goodness they have great unemployment benefits in the UK. I think he's gonna need it.

The sad thing is that he's not wrong, as anyone who has used both OSs can attest. There are just some things you simply do not talk about, and saying Windows is trying to clone OS X is one of them.



I lol'd at this comment about that blog article:

"Posted on: November 12, 2009 at 11:08AM  

My bigger concern was his statement that Windows 7 is far more stable than Mac OS X.  Can you please tell us what this statement was based on?"



A long list of facts that anyone with any care can find for themselves. Fact is, most don't care enough to know what they buy, before they buy it, instead using false preconceptions.



That's great. My Mac buddies will get a kick out of this. That pic is genius too.



I like the pic :)



I think someone is going to get fired.

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