Microsoft Wants to Stream Xbox 360 Games to Phones and Tablets



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Hasn't the ps3 been able to stream to the psp like this for years now?



Hmm... where have I heard this before? Oh, that's right. Nintendo Wii U offers this. Natively. Out of the box. And in HD as well, with no (reported) loss of resolution or framerate.

Now we just have to wait for Sony to make some sort of butchered version as well.



You do realize that this feature is also built into Windows 8 - natively - as well? Which means Microsoft has been working on it for 5 years? Which means crap as to who released it first or came up with it first, as no one is buying the Wii.



This translates to me that they will have to keep the graphics and resources required to a minimum to be able to pull this off. Which means that i may not have a reason to upgrade my i7 960 gtx 580 velociraptor raid 0 any time soon.

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