Microsoft Wants to Observe iPad Users at Close Quarters



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Gotta give Microsoft credit for this one. They're making a pretty smart move.  Since the iPad is reasonably successful, it's probably a good idea to see what people like and what they dislike about tablets, what they do use them for and don't. Recent articles have pointed to them continuing to pursue a Win7 slate, which if you ask me, would just have too many features and be too powerful to bother putting on such a limited device.

I hate give a nod to such an arrogant company, but Apple did it right when they put their iOS on the iPad (God, that name....). They kept it simple, and knew that people who bought it didn't want a full-fledged laptop. They wanted a cheap, handheld web browsing device that you could take anywhere, and their phone OS does that just fine.

Redmond needs to hold off on tablets until they have perfected their WinPhone 7 and released it (and added on the copy/paste, and all the other little things they neglected to put in at the start). Tack on a couple cameras, a microphone, add in some multitasking, and they'd have a solid competitor in the slate market.

Windows 7, as great an OS as it is--and I do like it, I'm not fanboy material--it is also too demanding and too powerful for this type of computing.



"Keep the peace."



So will this be like studying iPad users in their natural habitat? All Attenboro-like?



My guess is not because they are shocked about it but more that they don't want to be sued in any fashion from Apple. 

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