Microsoft Wants Kinect-enabled TVs, Claims Report



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Keith E. Whisman

It is a good idea to build the technology into TV's. Open up the technology for PC's connected to the TV and allow competing consoles to take advantage of the technology as if it were a standard controller like a Joystick (which it is BTY)

I still believe this techology is going to revolutionize internet porn like we have never seen before. 


Keith E. Whisman

The Kinnect is selling like hot cakes right now. I've packaged more Kinnects than any tablet over the past couple of days and tablets were supposed to be the big ticket item this year.



The last thing in the world I am interested in owning is a network-connected television that features a camera and microphone.  No, no, no.  Just no.



Imagine having one while living in China.



I wont buy anything Sony is involved with. They have scewed me too many times on their warranties. Never again.



I'm already taking it with a grain of salt - I could see this possibly with Vizio and some other vendors, but not Sony - it'd compete directly with their Playstation Move platform, which I haven't heard too much of lately and is itself based off of its Eye Toy.  That said, it'd be really cool if they not only did it, but made it possible to hook a PC up to said TV as well - I'd be in, for sure, if I can afford it.


The Corrupted One

So when people get into an argument over channels, it will look like the dorkiest thing in history?




and on that note.........what would the hand gesture to get to the playboy channel be?

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