Microsoft Urges Windows Users To Patch Critical Remote Desktop Vulnerability ASAP



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I use remote desktop on several machines, and before I heard of this problem, it seems as if my machine was used by someone. I would come in to work, and the "this machine was locked by RDP" message was on the screen, this happened once yesterday and this morning! Downloading the updates now, so will see what happens.



These were installed Tuesday on my PC.




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Has anyone had any issues with yesterday's patch release? I can't get the Games for Windows Software 3.5 to successfully install,,, keeps failing on Vista 32 SP2.



Here is something interesting, Brad. Win8 CP will download and install patches but puts them on hold until the next reboot when they get installed (due to complaints- justified too- about Win7 just rebooting right smack in the middle of a important WoW instance run). I wonder if the patches are actually in effect in the meantime? MS promise to force a reboot only once a month on Win8 CP.

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