Microsoft Updates Zune Despite Competition



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I know 4 people who own a Zune. They all love them except for 1 thing, they can't figure out how to load MP3 files. The software makes it really easy to load a CD, or AVI files, but they can't load their already converted music.

 None of these people are super computer savey, but they all do use computers daily. Also, I've never taken the time to look into it, and I've refused to let them load the software on my computer. So maybe they are just missing an option, but if not this seems like a real deal killer to me. 

 But watching movies or TV episodes on one of these is actually pretty awesome. 



Click settings on the top right corner, then make sure "Collection" is highlighted on the left column. In the main window, under music, click "Monitor Folders". Now choose the folder he has his mp3 Once it identifies all the new songs, your friends should do a sync.



I had hopes for Zune but have found that it is just another taste of the same, over saturated market and has done too little too late. 

I got the Zune4 for working out, but will bite the bullet for future purposes and get an iPod.  I would go with iRiver but iPod has the third party support that nobody else has.  And this is coming from an Apple hater...



    1. You will be able to browse the market place from any wireless connection in the world (Accept for countries that Ban Zune)
    2. You will be able to purchase songs from the radio and download those songs when connected to any wireless connection.
    3. the $15 a month subscription allows you to listen to any song you like with out downloading that song using wireless connection and when connected to the main with the wire it will then download
    4. Can now play audio books through the AudioBook selection
    5. Has a new games selection
    6. New revamped Zune Software, can't wait to see what it looks like


The capacity and screen size are great, certainly better than my zen vision M, however I hate being forced to used microsofts software to put any media on their player. Im also not crazy about the menu interface. I think I will stick with my zen for another couple of years.

If I have to choose between Ipods and zunes, I will definitely go zune all the way!!

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