Microsoft Updates Windows 8 Calendar, Mail and People Apps



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Here's a severe oversight, how about an update that adds a print button to the Reader app?

I understand the idea of introducing apps with basic functionality and improving them later, but whomever defined what basic functionality is set their levels REALLY low.



M$ updated its mail app you can now send and receive email



The only :big improvement" I want from M$ is for them to completely kill this metro UI bs. Hell, kill Windows 8 and Windows Blue entirely, and just run with 7. That would make me very happy! Oh, and I'd also like support reinstated for Windows 7 Gadgets that they said no one uses (I know quite a few people who used them). Of course, it's M$, and they care nothing for the consumer. Apple, on the other hand, cares for the consumers, they just don't give a darn how much money we have to cough up for their overpriced products.



you need to hug it out, or something?







Thank god. For a company like Microsoft that has been so email-centric and communications driven, the included mail app floored me. Add the fact that you can't just add your own account without first creating a Live account is absurd. I hope they do away with that as well.



That's about as newsworthy as Windows Vista end of support date - who cares! No one is using that crap!

And you know why nobody uses that crap? Here - "much-maligned Mail app includes a number of desperately needed features, including the ability to create folders, flag messages and mark emails as junk."

You mean to tell me MS had balls to call something "Mail app" that couldn't do those basics before?!

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