Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7.1 'Mango' with Over 500 New Features



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Why don't I see anywhere that Mango will support Adobe Flash 10.1? If MS is going to such lengths to compete or surpass Android, why didn't they make the leap to Flash? If it is just like IE9, where's the Flash?



Yes.  Mango will be coming to all existing devices.  I am really looking foward to these new updates and features.  I took a chance with an HD7 from a BB bold 9000.  The speed of multitasking and getting stuff done aren't their just yet but Mango looks to really bring WP7 up to snuff and challenge the offering of IOS and Android.  I doubt it will overtake either but I can be a definite alternative for users.



So will or won't Mango be available for existing WP7 devices?

I have a Samsung Focus, that has long been relegated to the dusty 2nd shelf because it just needed more polish.  WP7 has great potential, but in practice it falls short.  If 1st gen devices aren't even going to get the 2nd major OS release, then I'm done w/ the platform.  (unless it's so amazingly awesome I can't resist)



As far as I know all WP7 devices will get this update.

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