Microsoft Unveils the Official Name for "Windows 7"



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Mr. Frankentein

I contemplated the reasons why the Windows team decided to use the 7 monicker rather than following the same old form.  After about 10 seconds I realized that it's not just a version 7 title.

One of the first things I thought was If you sound the words Windows and Seven it come out as WindowSeven, kinda rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?  But that's probably not it.  It's to simplified to be true. Then it occured to me that with Vista being the red headed step brother of XP and a little creative thinking I've deduced that it probably goes somthing like this.

The Windows team needed a win in this round.  With this being the seventh version of Windows, and seven being a lucky number they decided to gamble.  Now what gambler doesn't know that in craps 7 is a win on the first shot, but it's not a loss and so affords second chance i.e. Vista.  When contemplating Microsoft's choice of names it occured to me that in the game of craps the roller calls out the number needed to win.  In this round 7 being a win on the first roll of the dice it only seem logical that that they call out the winning number 7

 Can you say Craps? Anyone?



First off, I love XP pro SP2

second, the XP rollout was NOTHING like the Vista rollout....get a clue!

third, i DO run a clean, fast  system and Vista STILL sux....again get a clue

fourth, I'm trully sorry YOU were tricked into buying/using Vista...thats NOT my fault!

fifth, the need for DX10 is not MY choice, but so many programs and games are now requiring it.

lastly, when YOU have facts post them...this ISN'T a flame forum foo!



My take on the numbering scheme is how many full fledged Operating System releass have been marketed towards the average home consumer (end user). Sure, Windows 2000 was great, but it (just like XP Pro) was designed by Microsoft for business use, not home use. I would break it down like so:

1. Windows 3.11

2. Windows 95

3. Windows 98 / Windows 98SE

4. Windows ME

5. Windows XP

6. Windows Vista

7. Windows Seven

I believe any Windows version before 3.11 wasn't truly "pushed" or marketed towards the home 'end user', therefore that's why I started with it for the numbering scheme. It just makes sense to me as a home pc user. 7th home edition of Windows being called Windows 7. Argue all you want, it's pure genius to me :)


Fanboys are annoying. Price/Performance is top priority. Patience=Awesome.




 If you think Vista is slow and crashes all the time, your probably running it on a shaky system or perhaps it's all the other garbage running in the background such as Bittorrent, AOL instant messenger etc that people love to use. ESPECIALLY if you UPGRADED your XP machine instead of doing a clean install! In my day to day job, I can't begin to tell you all the garbage I remove from peoples start up folders alone! They simply don't understand the toll that some third party TSR type apps can take on a systems overall performance.

Try an experiment for yourself.. Take your pc and start with a clean Vista install and refrain from loading third party apps, especially TSR memory hogs and I bet you'll find a totally different experience. I say start with a clean install because you'll want to avoid bring over the garbage apps that might already be running on an XP machine during an upgrade. Without a CLEAN INSTALL, you CANNOT give Vista a fair judgement. Let alone ANY os!  Run the clean Vista os for at least two weeks before starting to load your usual apps that start up with the OS (you know, all those icons in the task tray next to the clock!). As you load each of them, watch as your performance changes. See! It's NOT Vista!  The OS is fine. It's all the other apps that people conveniently don't mention they're also running when they bad mouth Vista.

I'm not picking fights here. I'm just saying that your cheating yourself out of a good OS by drinking the Anti Vista kool aid. Think about what people are NOT telling you when they say it stinks. Mac users say Vista stinks, but they wouldn't know a good OS if it slapped them across the face!

  Make your own conclusions








But I like anti-Vista koolaid. It tastes so good. = (



Windows 98 was codenamed Memphis, not Detroit.

Detroit was the codename for Windows 95 OSR 2 (The equivilant of a service pack back then)




The best thing they can do is release one or two versions (home/business) at the max and sell it for $50 or $60. IMHO, Microsoft is skating on thin ice. The Linux OS's are coming into thier own and with Microsoft stabbing PC gaming (one of the major driving forces for their OS) in the back there isn't much incentive to stick to their OSes.



Windows 1x thru Windows 3.11 should not be considered real Operating Systems, they were more like an applicationlaunched from DOS. Windows NT 3.5x was the real start of the Windows OS even if it looked like Win 3.11 on steroids. To this day I feel that Win 98se and WinXP were the two best OS Distributions released by Microsoft. Perhaps by the next Service Pack release Vista will be usable.

The Generation list though should look like this:

First Generation: Windows 1.x
Second Generation: Windows 2.x, Windows 286, Windows 386
Third Generation: Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.1 and 3.11, Windows NT 3.1
Fourth Generation: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0
Fifth Generation: Windows 2000, Windows XP
Sixth Generation: Windows Vista
Seventh Generation: Windows 7

Windows Millennium shouldn't even be considered an OS. It was more a waste of time and disk space.



I agree with your generation list except the last generation. Microsoft calling Windows seven a new generation is just marketing. Based on how they defined their previous generations I think this would be more accurate.

Sixth Generation: Windows Vista, Windows 7



Saw the list above and thought... That's not right!  Yours looks better.  

Also wholeheartly agree with forever obliterating the memory of Mistake Edition.

I wonder if they'll do something similar naming scheme with their server OSs?



@ghot, you really shouldn't ramble on like you did when nothing you said shows real fact.  You may have certain opinions against Windows, and therefore should go to MacLife, but if you decide to post here, you should know that Windows Xp started of just as bad as Vista has, just as bad as most new OS do.  Secondly, it makes sense that Microsoft wants to keep Windows 7 sounding new at all times.  Having an OS by the name of 2009 two years from now will seem outdated.  Also, your just listing a bunch of things Windows needs to do that  would barely affect Windows, nor any other OS.  DX10 has barely any difference in quality than DX9, and you seem to just want to complain about Windows flaws, and not state how it is the easiest OS to navigate through, and most customizable, along with compatible.



And this guy, obviously does not, and has not used Vista.



Quote from above/below....


"Likewise, coming up with an all-new "aspirational" name does not do
justice to what we are trying to achieve, which is to stay firmly
rooted in our aspirations for Windows Vista, while evolving and
refining the substantial investments in platform technology in Windows
Vista into the next generation of Windows."


WHY would you want to do that?  Didnt get enough of a beating with Vista?  Sure Wondows 7 is a fine name...the rest of your' idea....BITES!

1. All programs OS's or others should have numbers, with various post release versions:   .xx   etc.  It work for the ENTIRE rest of the world, and almost everyone I know can at least .....count  !

2. Vista was a FAILURE as was ME...both 'not ready for prime time' and never will be.

3. Every OTHER OS form MS has been horrible....ergo Windows 7 ....SHOULD BE GOOD!   ...however...

4. IF MS follows in Vistas footsteps...that AIN'T gonna happen!

5. XP ....WAS a winner....add DX10, harden the low level security, and take the TIME to work out the bugs!

6. Few tips to consider:

    a.  Words are easier that thumbs....try reading a BOOK with nothing but simple!

    b.  Dont add bells and whistles to appeal to the masses....instead appeal to the true OS users...THEY

         will SELL you product through word of mouth...gimmicks are just that....gimmicks....and will always

         appear as such upon closer inspection.

    c.   Add a disk defrag that can defrag the MFT for gawds sake!

    d.  Make the OS run on EITHER 32 OR 64 bit systems, w/o requiring different installs!

    e.  I didn't see any apparently 'intelligent' people in the Mojave experiment...oops...

    f.  Have the nads to ADMIT you screwed up with Vista, and that you FORCED it upon a market with

        methods that would make a crime boss proud.

    g. "Vista only" apps, games, etc, spelled out in large neon letters...."...we KNOW vista sucks, buy it


    h. Instead of trying to CRUSH all competition...try to just make a GOOD OS....user appreciation will

        do the rest!

    i.  Put the File, Edit, View, etc buttons BACK on top where they should be....they are by FAR the BEST

        easiest way to navigate....ribbons are for Xmas packages and serve what purpose? make it

        MORE difficult to 'get where you're going' ......they do NOT make it simpler!

    j.  Quit trying to tie all apps in your OS together....make it an OPTION !!!!


ANY company that ASSUMES they know what is best for EVERYONE in EVERY not only foolish

but moronic.  Trying to subsume every competitor of any product, is analgalous to an army spreading itself too thin, and we ALL know what happens when an army spreads itself TOO thin!  Since obviously YOU don't I'll explain:   They get their a**es kicked!   It's time to grow up and act like the mature OS provider that you should be.

You can't outdo Google in search....take that as a can't outdo Open Office....take that as a loss...what you CAN do is outdo every OTHER OS provider if you simply STOP assuming that people are morons and don't SEE through your blatant marketing BS.

We NEED a hardened kernal, DX10 or w/e happens to be the latest version, legacy support for ALL hardware configs (within reason), words instead of thumbs, functionality instead of gloss, and compartmentalization BETWEEN apps with the OPTION to meld functionality IF desired.  We NEED to be able to defrag the MFT, we NEED a way to make entire primary Hard drive backup images, (SYNC sucks and just shows what LITTLE thought has been invested in this area), ....system restore....pfft!

Since we are way past the 8 character file about naming things by what they DO...what a comcept!  I and I assure you, the rest of the world are sick to death of file names like xfugssft.dll....for gawds sake...USE the 255 char names that you are able to use.

How about making all user accts(accept Admin) a sandbox.....unable to affect the main OS install  !!  Further, wtf is up with default sharing....just name it: Infect me please!  Make it an OFF by default OPTION.  This includes all the hidden shares.  Design a simple interface to access ALL shares, however deep, and allow the USER (ya know the people who pay YOUR bills)to DECIDE if and what they want to share.

In short....get a CLUE!

There's TWO ways to make a fortune and control the market:

1.  Sell crap in pretty wrapping and derive from that good release day numbers....or....

2.  Sell a decent OS and let the world (through gushing word of mouth) be your oyster.....I always thought that was ECON 101...guess you skipped that class  :/









you can't outdo Open Office.

MS office is the gold standard for Doc/Spreadsheet/presentation file formats.  Open Office is cool, and free, but seriously, think about the number of businesses, schools etc vested in the MS Office format, its not going anywhere anytime soon.  

 You bring up some good points - Microsoft needs to keep it simple.




Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are gonna do commercials for it.



I bet they'd get more support from the geeks if Gordon Freeman was doing commercials for it.



I didn't see xp in ur list there.



Yeah, I'd say XP belongs with Windows 2000, and Windows ME belongs with 9x.



The last mainstream Windows name to include the version number was 3.11, and the last name period was NT 4.0

If you ask me, it is very smart because it keeps it simple. I also love it because it DOES remind me of the days of old when we had 3.1, and that was a pretty darn good OS. Hopefully this new OS will be as good as the new name makes me feel.



Because we all know how creative and revolutionary Microsoft is, right?





Well they could just round the corners on all their merchandise, paint it the amazing and creative color of white and then for sure they would be hip, cool and revolutionary!!



No war started with me, I don't like either companies but run with a PC because it is affordable. I am just tired of Microsoft slapping a new coat of paint and some minor features on an OS then calling it now and revolutionary.

It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't charge so much.


Personally, I do like Vista but only to the extent that after spending weeks with it and having to tweak the hell out of it ... it finally works the way I want. An OS shouldn't be so difficult to personalize/customize.

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