Microsoft Tweaks Kinect Firmware, Windows Hardware Coming



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well the dance game is fun - would be nice to have that on pc with the kinect

might be better for the advanced use in Operating Rooms and such - where they are using hacks to get it to work to show CT and angio cuts rather than having to break sterile to go look or have a nurse hold up the copy to the light

but other than games in lieu of being console bound or such advanced uses as in the second paragraph- I agree with Holly on this one. I am not a gesture person for standard computer use- probably why I will not get a touch screen to replace my keyboard mouse for the desktop.


Holly Golightly

I can see using the Kinect on a PC getting old pretty fast. I do not like the idea of telling my computer to launch something. Actually, I do not even like talking on the phone. I also don't like the idea of being forced to stand up to use my computer when connected with Kinect... Hopefully this issue would be fixed, because right now to play a racing game on the Xbox360 with Kinect, you have to stand up for the entire race, otherwise with wont notice you. I also do not like the idea flicking my hands hands in the air to change pages or close programs. To me, the concept seems rather annoying knowing that a I have a keyboard and mouse only inches away from my hands. Just makes it easier to just use what we have now to manage, for those of us who still use desktops. I suppose I am old fashioned in this sense. Maybe Kinect will be optimized for desltops... But right now, as it is... I do not think so. I really don't know.

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