Microsoft Teases with Dead Zune HD 64 Link



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MaxPC, I'm really sick of your Spam Filter. If you can look into it, you'll notice that the user "violian" has never posted any Spam and only legitmate content, so more than likely, I'm not a Spammer.



 Agreed, if you have been a member for years with many posts and none have been reported or viewed as spam it should give you more flex room or just allow it.  


The small capasity is the main reason I have not upgraded yet.  I love my Zune 80 but 32 just isn't going to cut it, not if it prides itself on HD content which would fill 32 gigs very quickly


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Had a Zune for 2 years, and it wasn't very good for podcasts (no univeral control, had to set up rules for each podcast -- downloaded newest, deleted played, keep most recent only -- for EVERY SINGLE PODCAST) and I regularly had audiobooks from, ahem, various sources, that played our of order, or displayed the wrong info, or didn't continue from where i left off.

For music, zune's fine. (i still use the software for managing my library even.)

For audiobooks/podcasts, my ipod touch iblows the zune out of the water.





Well, that's not much of a suprise. I went from the 80 GB to the 32 GB HD and have owned it for about 3 months now. I wasn't happy about the smaller capacity but once I accepted the fact I can't cram 100% of my media collection on it I don't care anymore. 32 GB is fine for me.



gotta love the spam filter.  it's useless to try commentary..... :(




link is already gone



could also be an april fools joke since april fools is only 3 days away



I don't see how it would be prudent to offer your paying customers a product they've been wanting for months and then slap them with a "just kidding! APRIL FOOLS!" I'd bet someone rolled out a new version of the site after making some changes not realizing that the 64gb link had also been added since the last revision. I'd also bet that MS will be announcing the 64gb Zune HD in the near future.

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