Microsoft Targets Apple, the Response? “A PC is no Bargain!”



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That was it?!? Not to be rude but I was hoping for a better response. That is ancient history and I agree with you. In the 80's and 90's Macs were the way to go and they have a lot of old timers that refuse to give them up in the industry.

Let me bring you to the future and encourage you to look up Adobe's current line of 64 bit software. Also check out many other companies such as Autodesk. They both offer more software to PCs and especially more 64 bit software. The big bad Photoshop for example is only available in 64 bit for PC.

I rest my case. Macs are nothing but ancient history. They use to be cool...  Today Apple should stick to phones and little mp3 players.



Well, I never said they were still the leaders in graphics design and you never specified a time frame for your so-called "myth."


I was just proposing a reason why Mac may have been, at one time, considered the best in graphics design.



I apologize. I missed reading your username and thought you were  mnova53. Though I do believe my original comment was quite clear as far as stating a time frame since I stated "How 'are' macs better". I am quite certain that stands for present time.

Either way you have to go back well over a decade to find a time when macs were superior in graphic design. Photoshop is around 20 years old.



Yep, people I know who own a Mac are either people that had a design degree in the 80s or 90s or doctors.


then a few housewives who got tired of hitting the right button by mistake.



seriously, this whole "mac is good for design" is a load of BS. im a digital media pro and i use my pc for everything from video editing to magazine layout so :P   on that mac argument.



I have stopped trying to argue with Mac users. It violates one of the rules I live my life by:

Never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience.



Nutcracklng snack

wow feal the hate 

i have both and i will say this 

i have a gaming pc and a mac that i use for every thing butt gaming

so there and the fact is IT WORKS ALL THE TIME FOR 2 YEARS NOW

mac rock on babby  




 You must enjoy taking it up the pooper from Apple. I've had my "Windoz Boxen" for 2yrs and have had no problems with it. I've upgraded the video cards, added some more RAM and a couple of extra HDD's for more storage. Been running Windows Vista 64bit for over a year. I do sound editing and the odd video editing (using Sony Vegas) and have no problems. All this "Macs are superious because um... Windows is the devil!" crap is just that. Crap!

So you can take your "Apples are far superior" mentality and shove it up your cornhole!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



First off, what f*cktard at a magazine said Geek Squad trips will drive the HP prices up?  Geek Squad, really? Are you serious?  I almost have a seizure laughing so hard at the lemmings that go to the Geek Squad counter... 

Secondly, I always find it laughable when Apple touts the virus angle.  If that were so, why doesn't the US government or the Army (which I am in) use Macs?  Besides rediculous costs, upgrade nightmares and the fact that under the gloss and celeb glamour Macs are just your pretty, however four years behind stepsister...Macs are terrible.

On a different note, does anyone else feel dirty when they make the wrong turn in Fry's into the Mac section?



the army doesn't use a mac because i think it was the holiday 2008 issue, MAXPC made them a kick-ass gaming PC. with that, there really isn't any reason to switch.

i like PC's over macs because of the crazy color combos of PC parts, as well as variety of parts.. don'tmacs use PC equipment anyways? my friend was looking for a mac and it had options for NVIDIA and ATI parts...aren't macs supposed to use THEIR OWN fabricated parts? i guess with macs, it's only the outside that counts. long live the sleeper UBER-gaming rigs! 



Me thinks that many a pirating Mac user should look up:




One must note; security on macs is absolutely horrid. Just about no one bothers to attack macs. If Apple had a reasonable market share, which they never will, they would have far more attacks than on Microsoft's OS.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



I've had friends go to Geek squad looking for help but only to come to me later and ask for help because it was cheaper to buy a computer than use their services.

Best Buy is a bigger failure than the mac os. 



Comparing a bare bones HP to the top of the line 17" Macbook pro is like comparing a Matrix to a Mercedes.  Try comparing apples with apples and match up the $699 with the $999 Macbook.



I'd happily benchmark my ~$999 (CAD) laptop VS a $999 (USD) Macbook..

 It's got 2gb DDR 667 RAM, 2.4GHz P8600 processor, 60gb solid state drive, XP Pro and a Nvidia 8600 GT video card in it.  It also comes with a fingerprint reader and web cam built in..15" screen as well instead of a 13".

 The current $999 Macbooks have 2ghz processorss and cannot be upgraded past this.  9400 series video cards tend to get 50-75% of the performance results of the 8600GT's.  This is directly from benchmarks performed by Apple and friends.

 So yeah... I'll put my computer up against theirs any day of the week :) Also, mine was purchased LAST year in Canadian dollars so it would cost even less this year and would cost well below $999 USD. 



This article makes no mention of the performance, it is merely comparing the prices of the two systems.  That argument is moot if you're not comparing the same class of machines.



The $699 pc will still slaughter the $999 macbook in performance, software available and probably looks. Honestly that white rounded crap is not only ugly but looks cheap (in quality build terms) in my opinion.



I remember watching the "i'm a pc" and thinking to myself that they have it all wrong. PCs were portrayed as the old fashioned, corporate type when in fact the only place i've EVER seen macs in daily use is in corporate offices. Aside from the preppy teenagers and twenty somethings who need a reason for someone to look at them.

To be honest, i would probably forget that macs even exist if it weren't for the seemingly everywhere product placement. i.e. movies, tv......

Like another put it, I'd rather have a rig i can customize myself right down to the hardware.



You know there's a reason why Macs arn't more popluar in the work area, and its because they are a pain in the butt to manage. I work at a high school as a junior IT staff guy, and let me tell you, we have more problems with Mac getting to work right with us then we do with our three times more pcs. And when you have a problem with Macs, you either sit forever trying to fix it and then you do, or you have to wipe it and start over, or you have to send it in. Its just horrid.

When I get a new lab of PCs it takes me about three hours to get the image ready, and about five hours to deploy that image to all the new pcs, so about 10 start to finish. When I get a mac lab, it takes twice as long to get that done, even with image deploy software.

We only have one very large mac lab and guess what? There ALL running Windows XP, yep every single one of them. I asked the teacher why he order them and he said he had NO IDEA why he bought Macs over PCs.

Oh, and Macs get so freaking dirty so fast, its not even funny. And from a school stand point, cost really does matter, I would rather get a lab of 40 pcs, than about 20 macs. And guess what? There is no reason to buy a Mac over a PC in the education field, no reason what so ever! They offer nothing that PC can't do.

And to sum it up, the whole thing that Apple says about Macs talking to PCs and PCs talking to Macs just fine IS A BUNCH OF BULL CRAP!


Keith E. Whisman

Mac will never be legitimate in my eyes until they release their OS as a stand alone OS. Because Mac does not compete in this way I rather look at this issue as comparing apples to oranges. I can build a Windows box but I can't build an Mac OSX box.

When Mac starts competing with Windows as a stand alone OS then I'll give it some legitimacy. For now it's little more than a joke.

True you can build a Mac box but your violating the Mac license agreement by doing so and because of this you do not have the right to use the OS. The license agreement allows you to use the software as long as you abide by the rules in the license. You violate the license you lose your right to use the software. That is why I don't recommend you purchase a copy of Mac OSX for your Hackintosh. 


Pentium 0

That isn't likely to ever happen because as soon as it does, they won't sell any macs at all.  Unless they price it in the stratosphere.



 I couldn't agree with you more. Funny how Mac users say "My Mac is a PC" when if it truly was, it couldn't be a Mac.



Has any one seen an imac - ibook or whatever they call it looking too much like gay?  and pretending to imply that they are better because of a stupid overpriced underpower white piece of junk, my i7 custom gamer pc ((which i built)) can eat any of their top of the line for lunch any day of the week




much less subtitle?

I guess you meant to say subtle.  I figured I'd bring it up before some Mac lover highlighted the error as the reason why PCs drool.



Thanks :) Fixed.



Besides of course the fact that, by definition, a mac is a personal computer. But really,  what can apple possibly offer those of us who not only love building computers from scratch because it's fun, but because we can choose exactly the parts we need to custom suit our specific needs.  Sure you can "custom order" your new iMac, but really? Completely overlooking the fact that macs aren't worth a damn when it comes to gaming.


I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person



A Mac is fine as long as you're willing to let Steve Jobs hand-pick what you can and can't do with (his) your computer.  He chooses what apps it uses, he chooses what you 'really need' on it, and he chooses the formats that will be compatible.  As long as you're willing to let him do everything for you, it's fine.

A PC is a PC because it's personal--it is MINE and *I* get to configure it in any bizarre configuration *I* choose.  



Just look around in most offices....the population of the PC out numbers the Mac...

i work in an engineering consultant.. mac dont exist there...






I don't think the ads, or MS, or me (as the quote seems to imply), ever mentioned that Apple products are cool. People buy them because they think they'll look cool.

Advanced software? What software? Apple has a fraction of the software PCs have, and PC software can do the same thing.

Gread design? The iMac? iPhone? iDontcare. Give me function over form.



I Jedi

Agreed. I'd rather by a PC anyday that has more superiority, speed, and use than a Mac for the same price. Anyone dumb enough to buy a Mac just because it looks cool should honsetly feel like a dumbass after their friend flashes their PC and says,"Hey, look, its faster than yours and for the same price!".



"Everyone" thinks Macs are cool?  Who is this moron who thinks he can speak for me?  Personally, I find Macs ridiculous in every way they can be.  Including the apparently all important "looks".



If Apple starts with "PC's get virii" again, MS needs to counter with "Macs could get virii but no one bothers to program them for Macs. They also don't bother to program REAL software for them either."



To true.

In the majority of contests that pay out decent prizes macs have fallen victim to hacks faster than any other OS.

Also a count of professional 64 bit software available would also show that Windows leads Mac. You could also state that more people prefer to write useful small applications for Windows than Mac. A simple search for small utilities will prove that.

I am not a big Windows fan, but I don't see how anyone can believe that macs are superior.



Who does apple think they are? just because they put shit into a moniter, doesn't make it stylish. and how likely is it that you'll spend 2100$ on the geek squad? that's what your friends who read maximum pc are for(unfortunately for us)




in closing


F*** you Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!



wait i never thought macs look cool or are cool. I prefer the looks of a pc then a mac

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